Questions and Answers

About the company

1. How long has publitec Präsentationssysteme & Eventservice GmbH been in business?

publitec has been an Europe-wide established distributor of professional visual technology since 2000. Proven quality from leading manufacturers at attractive prices – this is how we ensure your success and that of your customers!

2. What does publitec offer exactly?

As a large distributor with an extensive product range, we rent and sell professional visual technology. In addition, we are happy to take over the planning, setting up of equipment and personnel support for your events and permanent installations. Thanks to optimal purchase prices and the highest quality standards, we are able to come up with customised quotations for almost every project.

Also, in our Overview of Second-Hand Event Technology, you will find a large selection of second-hand visual technology at attractive prices. These products come from our own rental stock. They have been in use for less than a year, and thanks to regular maintenance and meticulous quality controls, they are as good as new despite a much lower price.

To find out more, please see our product portfolio, event technology for sale and event technology for rental.

3. Can I, as a private person, also buy or rent products from publitec?

Our range of services and products is exclusively aimed at tradespeople in the B2B sector. This also applies to our extensive range of second-hand products.

Further information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

4. What is the task of the quality control department?

Our quality control department checks and assures the quality of our products. By constantly optimising and refining our testing processes, we are able to ensure that our customers always receive top-quality products. The quality control department works closely with the sales team and the warehouse, and enables them to respond to your needs with consistent quality, even at short notice. This also includes important testing processes: We regularly carry out the required DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) tests, clean up data memories and systems for data protection reasons and test all products for full functionality. In addition, we maintain the devices and install updates.

Compliance with these strict quality controls is an everyday matter of course, so you always get equipment that is as functional as on the first day.

5. What is the task of a project manager at publitec?

Our project managers are almost always available for you, wherever that might be.

We are happy to discuss the general conditions of your project with you in order to adapt the assignment in accordance with the budget and technology. If required, we can also act on your behalf or take over the responsible project management according to your specifications. Further information on the scope of services of our project managers can be found here.

6. Instead of a project manager, can I hire other ‘helping hands’ from publitec?

We are happy to provide staff who will support with the assembly/disassembly so that your event is set up on time and with professional help.

7. Does my customer actually see who I have rented from?

Our event technology is available in larger quantities and packaged robustly for each rental use. Neutral flight cases ensure a uniform appearance and offer appropriate transport protection. So we stay in the background and help without attracting attention.

8. Does publitec also offer apprenticeships?

publitec has been an apprenticing company for many years and has already successfully accompanied several trainees to their final examinations and subsequently taken them on as permanent employees. We train both in the commercial and in the technical area.

We currently offer the following apprenticeships:

  • Trainee Wholesale and Foreign Trade
  • Trainee Specialist for Event Engineering
  • Trainee Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

9. Where can I find the current General Terms and Conditions?

Our GTCs can be found here.

Reaching us

1. How can I reach the publitec team?

You can reach us by phone from mondays to fridays on +49 231 9996160. Alternatively, you can send your enquiry to

2. What are the regular opening hours at publitec?

You can reach us from mondays to fridays between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm.

3. I have an urgent enquiry outside of the normal business hours. Can I reach the publitec team on weekends, for example?

For urgent issues, we have set up an emergency hotline for our customers.

This can be reached in the morning between 7.00 am and 8.30 am, in the evening between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm and on weekends between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm at: +49 163-8032-112.

4. How do I find the right contact for my enquiry?

In order to find the optimal solution for you, we use the strengths of the team and look for the most suitable contact person for you with regard to your concern or the corresponding inquiry.

We are happy to help you via +49 2330-8032-0. You already know who from the publitec team can help you and don’t know the telephone number of your contact person? Then simply visit our ”team page”.


1. Which logistics service providers does publitec work with?

Our service providers are: Dachser, TNT, UPS, SKD. In the case of further enquiries, please call +49 2330-8032-0. Our team will be happy to advise you!

2. I need my goods on Saturday, by courier service or by express. Is that possible?

Express shipments by TNT can be delivered from 08.00 am on the following day. Please make sure that the place for accepting parcels is open 90 minutes beforehand, as the times are only ‘up until’ times and are generally not guaranteed.

In order for you to remain flexible, we can send you your order upon request, the way you prefer it. Just contact us!

3. My package was not accepted! What happens now?

After the service provider has given a notification that your package has not been accepted, we will contact you immediately in order to set a new delivery date.

4. Can I find out when my goods will arrive or can I arrange a specific date/time?

All our service providers deliver during the day (except: TNT). Of course, you can always discuss a date/time of your choice with us in order to stay completely flexible.

We are also happy to inform you about the current status of your order or or send you a tracking number..

5. Can I have my order sent to a different delivery address?

We deliver every order to every location so that you remain as flexible as possible. We will of course inform you in advance about any additional costs which may occur.

6. What should I do in the event of damage in transit?

In the case of obvious damage in transit you should refuse the acceptance and note the damage on the delivery papers provided by the forwarding agent/deliverer. In general, damage in transit (even hidden ones) must be documented accordingly, with a photo if possible, and immediately reported to your contact person at publitec in order to discuss further possible options.

Please note, however, that the goods must be inspected and checked immediately upon receipt!

7. Can I pick up my order at publitec?

You are always free to pick up your order personally. Please note what kind of order it is.

Purchases: Warehouse at Gahlenfeldstraße 7a
Rental: Warehouse at Gahlenfeldstraße 8


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