We are proud to be a distributor and reseller of the renowned Dutch AV specialist Audipack! The history of this family-owned company began in 1982, and since then they have been setting the standards for innovative audio and video mounts. The products are all designed and manufactured in-house and you can buy everything in the portfolio from us.

At publitec, we understand that the stage never sleeps. That’s why we have selected Audipack treasures directly in our warehouse, which guarantees you particularly fast delivery – reliable and punctual thanks to our logistics partners.

Insights into our Audipack range:

  1. Floor Stands:
    • Down-to-earth, but with class: our floor stands put your devices in the right light.
    • Stylish design that raises not only your screen but also your setup to a new level.
  2. Flat Panel Solutions:
    • Flat, flatter, flat panel! Our solutions are the answer to lack of space and aesthetic demands.
    • Space-saving and elegant – for an impressive visual experience without cable clutter.
  3. Projector Mounts:
    • Power for your presentations! Our projector mounts perfectly showcase your projector.
    • Adjustable tilt and rotation for full control over your show.

But these are only the highlights from Audipack’s portfolio. You can also obtain customised flight cases from us, as well as interpreter booths and all kinds of accessories for flying your event technology, attaching it to walls or setting it up on castors – from speaker boxes to flat screens and projectors. Audipack also manufactures motorised lift systems for screens and projector housings.

On the manufacturer’s website you will find all products in a catalogue of over 200 pages, while we always present the latest highlights here.